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Do we have multiple ways to vote ?

Voteer offers three convenient ways to cast your annual general assembly: on-site, online, or through a hybrid approach blending both methods. With seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Webex, LiveVote, Zoom, and the option to embed Voteer directly, we ensure a smooth voting experience. Whether you're conducting a physical meeting, virtual conference, or a combination of both, Voteer provides flexibility, accessibility, and security to empower organizations in their decision-making processes.

Manage your proxy with ease  !

Our platform streamlines the process of proxy voting by offering automation for proxy, nominative, or in-person options. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to easily assign your proxy to anyone you choose, ensuring convenience and efficiency in the voting process.

Increase the participation rate with Voteer.

Thanks to Voteer, we can effectively communicate with participants through email and SMS campaigns, reminding them to register or vote based on their status. This ensures engagement and maximizes participation in the voting process, thanks to timely reminders sent directly to participants' preferred communication channels.

Enlighten your participants with our Q&A option .

Our platform digitizes all documentation and includes a dedicated Q&A section, empowering participants to ask questions related to the vote. This streamlined approach enhances transparency and facilitates effective communication, ensuring that all participants have the opportunity to seek clarification and make informed decisions.

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Elsa Blair

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Géraldine Potel

"The participation rate exceeded 89% for the first time”

Camille Briffoteau

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