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Looking for a white glove services ?
Benefit from a fully dedicated expert !

With Voteer, enjoy personalized support.
For the management of your ballot, rely on professionals and delegate all aspects to them.

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Flexible SaaS platform for all your needs

Organize your ballot from A to Z in minutes

Customizable email/sms

Delivery status email/sms

Reminder to selected audience


Publications pdf/video

Weight vote

Import voter list

Voter list monitoring

College management

Moninative Proxy

Proxy to the chairman

Advanced proxy rules

Ballot seal

Onsite check-in

Online check-in

Real-time Quorum tracking

Real-time voting monitoring

Real-time signing monitoring

Vote results report

Proxies report

Signing report

Ballot collaborators




Multiple workspaces

Browser based

Cast a vote from anywhere, any devise

Direct voting

Asynchrone voting

Early voting

Online voting

Onsite voting

Hybrid voting

Any type of voting

Secret voting

Non-secret voting

Resolution voting

Single-member voting

Multi-member voting

List voting

Voting by college

Abstain voting

Live Q&A

Q&A moderation

Q&A upvote

Custom notification

Tally in seconds

Present mode

Teams integration

Zoom integration

Webex integration

Streaming integration

Embed Voteer

Custom integration / API

Legal & Trusted online voting

Legal framework

RGPD compliant

Secrecy of vote







Multi-Factor Authentication

End-to-end encryption

Ballot box encryption

Tally w/ distributed private keys

Audit trails

Robust & Scalable

One platform, endless potential


Improved democracy

Voting and elections often involve legally complex aspects. Voteer's electronic voting solutions promote a more democratic process, even for the most sensitive issues

Web Application

Voteer requires no download. Simply log in from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Email Invitation

Import your voter list and invite them to your poll, using our built-in tools.

Increase participation

Voteer allows you to increase the participation rate and reach the quorum thanks to a system of automatic reminders by sms or email.

Augmented Questions & Answers

Open up the floor! Participants can like the questions. Determining a relevant question becomes easier.


Share in pdf, video, audio or text your documents for a vote with full knowledge of the facts.

Live Video integration

Watch a broadcast, live or recorded. Integrate your favorite video stream. No more switching between applications.

Microsoft Teams integration

Voting directly from Microsoft Teams has never been easier. Add your poll to a team or meeting from within Teams applications.

Embed Voteer

Embed the voter module in the web application of your choice with one click.

Present mode

Display votes, results, Q&A to your audience in person, using Present Mode.

Proxy voting

Give your proxy, because your vote counts. Your representative votes according to your instructions.

Multilangual application

Voteer is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Get human support

Our teams are here to train and assist you every step of the way.


Managing all your ballot

Monitor all your votes: elections, assemblies, referendums... Access the history at any time. Follow the evolution of the participation rate from poll to poll.

Advanced voting

Set up your questions, single choice, multiple choice, anonymous, white answer etc. Voteer adapts to all your needs.

Ballot team member

Associate team members as owner or  scrutineer role.

Multiple organization

Administer multiple organizations simply with a single account.

Email personalization

Handle the personalization of your emails with first name, last name, etc. tags.

Email follow-up

Thanks to our emailing provider, follow in real time the deliverability of all your convocations.


Review the questions before the audience can see them

Voting weight

Voteer takes into account each voter's vote.


Lead the sealing ceremony, check all the parameters (voters list, platform integrity) to prohibit any subsequent modification of the system.

Participation tracking

Enable the turnout tracking option for real-time monitoring of your polling.

Voters sign-in

Find the sign-in sheets with login details.

Automatic counting

Calculate and display your vote results instantly.


Multi Factor Authentication

Determine the risk level of your ballot and activate up to three levels of authentication.

End-to-end encryption

Asymmetric key cryptography is specifically designed to resist any attempt at surveillance or tampering.

Ballot box encryption

Ballot box has its own asymmetric key security system.

Cast as intented

Each voter receives an acknowledgement of receipt for individual verification.

GDPR compliant

We take the security of your data very seriously. Voteer is compliant with GDPR rugalation.

Respect des réglementations

We respect regulations, decrees and legal codes relating to electronic voting



Send convocations and personalized reminders by sms and follow the status of each sending in real time.


Voteer is the first platform to use blockchain for electronic voting. Our experts can't stop talking about it and will answer all your questions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence improves fraud detection, prediction and prevention.

Counting launch via multiple pki

Divide the private key of the ballot box among the polling station members. The counting starts when the key is reconstituted by the polling station me

White glove service

Let our team of experts design, set up and monitor your poll.

Voters assistance

Focus on what's most important, we provide full support to your voters.s électeurs.

Frequently asked questions,

Do you offer a per ballot pricing?

Our Custom offer can be adapted to all your needs, including per-ballot pricing.

Is there a limited number of voters?

No. Our system is scalable and can accommodate unlimited votes. Contact our team to take advantage of it.

Do you have a trial offer?

You can register for a free Voteer account with the Free plan and use our application for up to 25 registered voters.

Is my data secure?

Of course, Voteer respects your privacy. All data is encrypted. See our privacy policy for more information. 

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Save time & money


Legal, compliant with regulations

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