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All your ballots, All on Voteer

A voting system built to meet all expectations,
whether you are a company, a condominium, an association, a public institution, etc.

General Assembly




Voting Contest

Polls by list

General Assembly

Professional Elections

Board meeting



Condominium Assembly

Organise your ballot
from A to Z

Save time! With all-in-one management of your online voting: invitations, publications, ballots, questions/answers, live voting, counting, analysis, reports and exports. Design your own online ballot by yourself or with the help of an expert.

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Frictionless in-person, virtual
or  hybrid online voting

Boost participation! Voteer is a modern and intuitive platform for professional and associative votes over the internet from a computer, tablet or mobile, without downloading or installation.

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Secure and Trustworthy online voting

Trust is earned, not given. Voteer ensures your voting process embodies security, integrity, transparency, and auditability. By leveraging advanced technology.

we guarantee the highest standards of verifiability, making Voteer the epitome of reliable and secure electronic voting.


Voteer has deployed end-to-end encryption using public and private asymmetric encryption keys to ensure integrity and privacy.

Ballot box encryption is a key part of our security policy. The private key that initiates the count can be shared in multiple segments distributed among members of the election authority.

Prioritizing Data privacy in online voting

Voteer is deeply committed to protecting data privacy. Our platform is designed with the strongest data protection measures to ensure personal information is kept confidential and secure.

By prioritizing data privacy, we safeguard the individual rights of every voter, ensuring peace of mind and trust in our electronic voting system

Pioneering The Next Era of Online Voting

Voteer is transforming the future of electronic voting by analyzing and developing advanced technologies like AI, Blockchain, Digital identity, ZKP, KYC...

Our commitment to innovation and security ensures a secure, efficient, and participatory process, ensuring every voice is heard and every vote is secure.

Create interactive and dynamic ballots


  • Customizable email/sms
  • Publications pdf/video
  • Delivery status email/sms
  • Reminder by audience


  • Registration
  • Proxy Management
  • College management
  • Q&A

Real-time monitoring  

  • Early / Direct voting
  • Real-time presence monitoring
  • Quorum tracking
  • Real-time voting monitoring

Tally in seconds

  • Any type of voting
  • Single /multi-members
  • Vote by list
  • Export data

Build your next event in just minutes

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4,7 etoiles sur plus de 200 avis

"A flexible, super-easy multi-faced online voting toll”

Laura Ferreira

"Engaging teams to cast a vote is a reality with Voteer"

Laure Lahmi

"with voteer, we have increased the participation rate by 40%,with a smooter user experience"

Gérard Honoré

" You can't imagine the time and money we save with Voteer Legal Online Voting Platform !"

Pauline Suplisson

“It is so easy to setup and follow up a ballot with Voteer. The ease-to-use and UX is a big plus. It is really efficient"

Audray Pichet

"We were initially impressed by the simplicity of the app, but what really made the difference was the outstanding customer service which was the highlight of our experience"

Marine Humbert


"Thanks to Voteer, the participation has increased. We have successfully met our regulatory obligations. What a success!"

Marvin McKinney

Shareholder Relations

"We like how simple and high-quality Voteer is, it's the go-to online voting platform."

Emma Nguyen

Corporate communication


"Voteer is the most effective electronic voting solution we have used. No other tool has made our general meeting as successful."

Matthieu Merchadou



"Excellent Customer Service, the staff is professional and involved. I highly recommend!"

Olivier Siboni



"Our election was super fast to put in place, a great success. Thanks for your reactivity."

Theresa Webb

Communication director


"We like how simple and high-quality Voteer is, it's the go-to online voting platform."

Emma Nguyen

Corporate communication

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