Hybrid General Assembly

The time has come to organize your general meeting. What if you could free yourself of organizing it? Voteer is there for you, offering support from start to finish. Our platform simplifies your meetings and guides you in the implementation of electronic voting. Thanks to Voteer, the members of your association, whether company shareholders, or condominium owners, can all take part in the decisions, wherever they are. Our online voting platform could be exactly what you need, if you wish to organize your general meetings remotely, in strict compliance with the legislation, while saving time and money.

Voteer simplifies your general meetings

Meeting notices, invitations, registration, proxy management, quorum calculation, attendance sheet, etc. You are in a good position to know that the organization of a general meeting requires a human, material, and financial investment. Free yourself from the management tasks and rely fully on Voteer's expertise. From sending out the invitations to the activity report, we are here to simplify your AGM.

Our remote meeting and voting system gives voters the ability to participate from anywhere. As hybrid meetings become the norm, don't wait to engage voters and make their voices heard. Participating in your association, business or condominium decisions has never been easier! We offer you a simple and intuitive solution.

Follow your votes in real time with Voteer

Voting plays an essential role during your ordinary or extraordinary general meeting. Keep an eye in real time on the participation in the vote. The minutes are provided to you directly after the count and the members of the voting committee can sign them electronically.

Experts at your service

Are you wondering how to organize a remote general meeting? Do you have questions about how the ballot works? At Voteer, experts take care of the vote from start to finish, to guarantee you serenity, time savings and expertise.

Save time with Voteer

During the entire voting process at the general meeting, our tool saves you precious time. Guided in our platform, you fill in the data related to your instance in a simple way. You edit the minutes, drafted in compliance with the regulations in force. Thanks to the documents generated after the votes, you can easily analyze the results, which are automatically mentioned in the minutes.

Optimal security for your meetings

Voteer is an innovative electronic voting platform that uses 3 major tools to guarantee the security of your AGM: cryptography, artificial intelligence and blockchain. We wanted to use the best technologies to achieve an optimal level of security.

At Voteer, we are committed to ensuring confidentiality, safety and impartiality. In this way, to certify the compliance of your votes in general meetings, we scrupulously follow the recommendations  GPDR.


Cryptography is a method that produces mathematical evidence in the form of codes and numbers. This process provides a high level of security and protects data. In order to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of ballots, Voteer uses asymmetric cryptography. We have developed an end-to-end encryption system using public and private keys. The term asymmetry is explained by the use of a public key that encrypts and a private key that decrypts the data. This step is a strong pillar of our data security and confidentiality policy. The encrypted ballot box protects you from any challenge. As for the counting, it can be done by a member who has the shared private key.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an excellent tool to protect against identity fraud. With 3 levels of authentication, Voteer protects you from this major risk.

Our remote voting and meeting tool uses machine learning to block potential fraudulent activity. Machine learning is part of artificial intelligence and is added to our system for maximum security.

The blockchain

Voteer is the first electronic voting platform to use the blockchain. This data storage and sharing system eliminates the need for an intermediary. Thus, the users of the blockchain exchange and receive information, within the framework of a precise and fully secured computer protocol thanks to cryptography. Thus, the data that circulates through the blockchain is protected and unforgeable. For your general meeting, hybrid or remote votes, Voteer has adopted a new technology to provide you with the best service. Transparency, security and integrity are our watchwords.

Videoconference general meetings: adapted formulas

Associations, sports clubs, companies, co-owners, you have inevitably been confronted with the organization of a general meeting for your organization, since this is part of the legal framework. Defining the statutes of your association, informing the members of the major changes to come, etc. So many missions that must be carried out during your GA. We can help you set up your general meeting while respecting your budget and the legislation surrounding voting. Voteer offers you adapted formulas, taking into account your needs. Trust our experts and let yourself be guided by a simple and intuitive platform for you and for the voters.