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 Enhanced Security Measures for Your Peace of Mind

Trust is earned, not given. Voteer ensures your voting process embodies security, integrity, transparency, and auditability. By leveraging advanced technology.we guarantee the highest standards of verifiability, making Voteer the epitome of reliable and secure electronic voting

Quick Counting and Instant Results: Tally in Seconds!

Our platform provides you with instant tallies, regardless of your company's size or the number of voters involved. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, Voteer ensures swift and accurate results, saving you valuable time and resources.

Flexible Voting: Individual, Multi-Member, or election voting

With Voteer, you have the flexibility to conduct various types of voting, including individual voting, multi-member voting, and list-based voting. This versatility allows you to tailor the voting process to suit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring inclusivity and accuracy in decision-making.

Increase the participation rate with Voteer !

Thanks to Voteer, we can effectively communicate with participants through email and SMS campaigns, reminding them to register or vote based on their status. This ensures engagement and maximizes participation in the voting process, thanks to timely reminders sent directly to participants' preferred communication channels.

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Géraldine Potel

“Thanks to Voteer, I organized the Professional election in a few clicks!With a participation rate of 80%  it is a success”

Camille Briffoteau

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