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10 Reasons Why Voting is Highly Important

The history of voting and elections stretches far back in time. Ancient Greece was the home of the earliest form of democracy, yet it might have looked quite different back then, as voting was only accessible to males. Throughout the centuries, different groups have fought for more equal voting rights. Today, we know that voting is an essential part of our voice, as employees, customers, suppliers, partners and society at large – and crucial to the health of our systems. Whether in a company, in association or in cooperative – yearly, more people of all ages are deciding to join their voice and vote in support of issues that affect their work place, community and lives.  

#1. Voting allows change to happen

Are you looking to make a positive impact? Voting gives you that chance! Whatever it is you offer your vote to– whether it’s to support a new candidate, new legislation, or ballot measure, it is the opportunity to give your support and make your voice heard by helping for the greater good. 

#2. Voting impacts social issues 

Far too many social issues affected by elections do not involve the opinion of everyone affected. Issues coming up in Cooperatives, Condominium or Unions, such as the election of officers, collective bargaining, contract ratification, and strike votes– no matter what is decided, it requires input and should allow everyone to have a say in decisions and laws passed and put in place. Not voting is a case of giving up your voice. 

#3. Voting is the pillar of democracy

An active voting community or population protects one of the core fundamental rights of our society: democracy. Heads of the local communities, partners or shareholders are more motivated to carefully listen and represent the voters’ interests, the more they participate. 

#4. Voting impacts our present, and future

We have the power today to decide our future generation’s welfare. Our communities are made of up friends, loved ones, neighbors and children. When we vote, we stand up for their quality of life, today, but also tomorrow. It’s our time and chance to decide what’s best for us, our children and our community’s lives. Vote for yourself– and those around you!

#5. Voting protects Human Rights.

Having a say in who runs important aspects of your life is an essential human right. When no voting system is put in place, people can’t participate, leaders aren’t held accountable and nobody maintains human rights. 

#6. Voting is a right and a historic milestone

Not too long ago, any kind of vote was only allowed to white males over the age of 20. It has taken many long fights, strikes and manifestations to arrive to achieve today’s equal voting rights – an incredible achievement that shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

#7. When we don’t vote, others vote in our place

Minorities can often get overlooked in many topics, but the chance to vote gives them back their power. Choosing to skip representation is offering someone else this voice and power.

#8. Every vote is important 

Often, important elections can be decided by small margins; most elections are not closely decided, but that doesn’t mean that a single vote has no importance. For example, only two votes out of 14,000 changed the House Seat of a New Mexico State. The probability of changing an election’s result by your impact might actually be much higher than we’d think!

#9. Voting has a financial impact

Appointing officials at any level grants them access and power to countless our budgets; voting gives us a say in where that money goes, what budgets are implemented, potential taxes that affect us and who pays what.

#10. Voting is a thought through, secret and personal act

Voting gives us the chance to not only get informed on important topics, but to also ensure we are making the best choice. Investigating, educating and deep diving into information, discussions and debates helps us learn more, instead of following the influence of public figures, or our surroundings.

We know voting can be a confusing process – Voteer.com is here to help and simplify the entire process. Reach out today and let us help, so that you too can make sure your next elections run easily, smoothly and fairly for everyone involved.

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